The WallStreet School provides 100% placement assistance to the delegates who have successfully completed one of our Investment Banking training programmes.

The Wall Street School is an approved Prep Provider of CFA Institute, US.

Starting 19 Jan 2018 , It will be TWSS’s SIXTH Batch of CFA Training (Level 1) for Jun‘2019/Dec’2019 Attempt. The course is available in both online and live classroom workshops.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • 13 Weekend (Almost 3.5 months) of Intensive training
  •  Saturday- Sunday ( 9:00 am to 1: 00 pm) (Gurgaon) | 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm ( New Delhi)
  •  110 Hours of Classroom Training
  • 6 Mock Tests
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee in case one is not able to clear CFA Level 1
  • Doubts sessions on calls, WhatsApp, Phone, Face to face
  • Formative Assessment Teaching, Teaching by Testing, almost daily testing
  • Question bank of 5000 + questions
  • Adaptive Exam Planner
  • Summarized Formula sheet
  • Video access till clearing your CFA Level 1


Who can pursue this course :
Any candidate, who has zeal to accelerate his/her career and take his/her career to the next level and is appearing for CFA Level 1 in Jun’2019/Dec’2019 can apply for admission to CFA Level Training by TWSS. Applicant candidate may include:

  • The candidate should be in Final Year of graduation to pursue CFA Level I Exam
  • CA / CS / CWA professionals – For career growth
  • CA / CS / CWA students – For best utilization of your internship time frame & boosting up your CV
  • MBAs – For career growth
  • MBA students – For better placement opportunities
  • Working Professionals -For career growth
  • Day 1: Building Blocks ( It’s a primer for Non-finance background candidates)

  • Day 2: Corporate Finance

  • Day 3: Corporate Finance

  • Day 4: Corporate Finance + Ethics

  • Day 5: Fixed Income Investment (FI)

  • Day 6: Fixed Income Investment (FI)

  • Day 7: Fixed Income Investment (FI)

  • Day 8: Financial Reporting & Analysis (FRA)

  • Day 9: Financial Reporting & Analysis (FRA)

  • Day 10: Financial Reporting & Analysis (FRA)

  • Day 11: Financial Reporting & Analysis (FRA)

  • Day 12: Financial Reporting & Analysis (FRA) + Ethics

  • Day 13: Derivatives

  • Day 14: Derivatives

  • Day 15: Derivatives + Ethics

  • Day 16: Equity Investments

  • Day 17: Equity Investments

  • Day 18: Equity Investments + Ethics

  • Day 19: Economics

  • Day 20: Economics

  • Day 21: Economics

  • Day 22: Economics + Ethics

  • Day 23: Quantitative Methods

  • Day 24: Quantitative Methods

  • Day 25: Quantitative Methods

  • Day 26: Quantitative Methods

  • Day 27: Portfolio Management

  • Day 28: Portfolio Management

  • Day 29: Alternative Investments

  • Day 30: Buffer/Doubt Session

  • Day 31: Buffer/Doubt Session

  • Day 32: Buffer/Doubt Session

The Total Fee of the workshop is INR 22,000/- Plus applicable GST. The Program comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if the candidate does not clear CFA Level 1 Examination. Refer ‘Refund Terms and Conditions tab’ for Details

PS: GST is non refundable.

If a candidate does not clear his CFA Level 1 exam, he/she is entitled to a 100% fee Refund, subject to all the following 3 conditions being fulfilled

  • Candidate needs to attend at least 25 out of the 27 classes of the workshop
  • Candidate needs to obtain at least 70% marks in 5 out of the 6 Mock tests to be given in class assignments
  • Candidate needs to appear for CFA examination. If candidate does not appear for XYZ reasons, there is no fee refund

Alternatively, TWSS also gives an option to the candidates to continue the training with TWSS till the time one is not able to clear CFA Level 1 exam without having to pay anything further. Essence is, once you are a part of TWSS ecosystem, you are our responsibility.

Some Probable Questions/Apprehensions wrt to Fee Refund in your mind:

  • Q:What if TWSS Gives Mock tests which are completely out of syllabus and candidate is not able to clear the Mock Tests absolving TWSS of the responsibility to REFUND fee?

    All the tests to be given to candidates will be strictly designed on CFA exam pattern

    If the candidate proves that less than 90% of the questions in the mock tests were covered in the training workshop, TWSS will accept the students as having passed the Mock Tests

    There is no reason for the candidates to not pass the Mock tests if there are attentive during the training and regularly and religiously study what has been taught

  • Q:What if candidate is NOT able to attend the atleast 27 Classes (out of 29) because of office engagements/other reasons ?

    The only reason TWSS has an audacity to provide a 100% Money Back guarantee to the candidates in case candidates are not able to clear CFA Exams is the QUALITY OF TRAINING BEING IMPARTED, hence attendance is a must

    Over the last 8 years, having trained more than 5000 candidates in the domain of Financial Modeling and Valuations, TWSS has believed in training through Formative Assessments. It has been successfully tried and implemented as a practice across the GLOBE and TWSS endorses this concept of training. Learning by Testing

    TWSS backs itself to provide candidates with the right mentoring, right notes, intensive tests so that there is no reason for them to falter or fail in their final CFA Examination in June 2018

    A lot of internal R&D has gone into designing and devising a curriculum that will ensure success

    The entire thought process is based on the premise and assumption that candidate and TWSS have a common goal, of ensuring that candidates clear the CFA Level 1 EXAM. TWSS expects candidates to put in as much effort on themselves as much as TWSS will be putting onto them

  • Q:What if candidate is not able to clear CFA but still wants TWSS to teach him so that candidate clears the exam?

    Once a candidate is a part of TWSS Ecosystem, the candidate will be able to repeat the classes without any further fee being charged. Candidate is TWSS’s responsibility till the time the candidate does not clear the exam. In that case, candidate may choose to take a 100% refund or continue with the classes without payment of any additional fee

  • Q:What if TWSS backs out of 100% Fee Refund in case of non clearance and all current promises fall flat?

    To safeguard the interest of both TWSS and the concerned students, TWSS signs a service agreement with all the candidates so that there is no scope of ambiguity. TWSS has always believed in a success based fee structure.

    Even its flagship 6 weeks program Full time Financial Modeling and Investment Banking program which is running in its 9th year now has a success based model wherein 60% of the fee is charged only when the candidate gets PLACED.

    TWSS is trying to similar thought process in CFA training as well putting the ownership of success as much on the candidate as on itself

  • Trust

    Among the finance professionals, the name “TWSS” is synonymous to commitment, quality and trust.
    With more than 145 satisfied batches of financial modeling and valuation, 7000 plus certified professionals training and a team of experienced professionals, you know your future is in right and hands.

  • Self Prepared Indigenously Developed Notes for CFA in TWSS Research Laboratory

    A lot of research and study has gone in making the content for CFA Training so that it is top notch quality and justifies the Brand Equity, candidates associate TWSS with. TWSS is launching the CFA Level 1 course curriculum having researched a lot and having the confidence of providing real value add to all candidates.

  • No Visiting Faculty, only Full Time Faculty

    TWSS believes that for success, it is imperative that personal involvement and commitment be there. Hence, The workshops will be conducted by inhouse, inbuilt team in TWSS so that ownership and commitment is there for students.
    TWSS does not believe in ad hoc arrangements for faculties. We believe the connect with students is establishes once students know we are there for you always.

  • Success based Model

    TWSS has also believed in meriting its services based on ultimate value add to its clients, our students. We have had a success based fee structure in its Flagship program on Financial modeling and Valuation. It will follow the same pattern in its CFA Program also. believes that for success, it is imperative that personal involvement and commitment be there. As an inaugural offer, we would provide 100% refund if the candidate does not clear their CFA Level 1 exams.

  • Synergies from the existing Business Vertical of TWSS

    TWSS has been providing Full time ( 6 Weeks ) and Weekend (2.5 Months) Program on Investment Banking and Valuations training program to candidates. Over a period of time, many Corporate have taken a liking to the candidates passing out from TWSS. Subject to you meriting the requirement, the CFA students can avail of the placement services of TWSS (At a fee).

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