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Basic Excel eases and familiarizes a candidate with the usage of excel. From a novice, candidate will become more comfortable and proficient in its use

  • Using keys instead of mouse in excel
  • Sorting Data and using advanced filters to overcome the limitations of filters
  • Cell Freeze, Row Freeze, Column Freeze
  • Using conditional formatting in excel and making the data look more meaty
  • Linkages used for Financial Modeling
  • Simple excel formulas as sum, product, division, multiplications, paste special, concatenate
  • Vlook Up/H look up usage of data
  • Match Function
  • Combination of multiple functions in a problem as Vlook +Match, Index+Match, VlookUp and If
  • CAGR Calculation
  • Transpose function
  • Usage of IF function
  • Table functions
  • Pivot Tables
  • IRR Calculation
  • Cell Referencing
  • Interest functions as EMI calculator,
  • Sum if, Count if, Sumifs
  • SumProduct Functions
  • Multiple usage of Vlook Function


Intermdiate Excel familiarizes a candidate with ease of working and amazing time saving using different formulas. Candidates develop more control and command over excel use


Once the base has been developed, advance excel will teach amazing wowness one achieves in excel and so many things one can do which one can think /cannot think Is possible including Dynamic charting and Dashboards

  • Once, The Basic Brushing Is Done With Excel, Now Comes More Complex Formulas Which Help In Coming Out With Meaty Results From Piles Of Voluminous Data In A Matter Of Seconds.
  • The Focus Is To Effectively And Efficiently Utilize Microsoft Excel For Data Analysis. These Include And Are Not Limited:
  • Combination of multiple functions in a problem as Vlook +Match, Index+Match, VlookUp and If
  • Offset Function.
  • Sensitivity Analysis using different ways.
  • Scenario Manager and how to use that in a model
  • Iterative calculations. How to Negate it
  • Using Excel for Statistical Analysis like Correlation, Regression, Variance.
  • How to summarize data from different sheets and collating them into a single sheet using Indirect function
  • How to use Indirect function to collate data from different sheets


TWSS’s Premier And Most Comprehensive 6 Weeks Full Time Investment Banking And Equity Research Training Program Is Born Out Of Inherent Need In The Market. Students Often Exit The Academic World Without Practical Skills, Leaving A Void During An Era When Finance Needs Some Of The World’s Brightest Minds. Our Mission Is To Help The Delegates Fill That Gap. Our 6 Weeks Full Time Investment Banking Training Program Does Precisely That.

The Training Bridges The Gap Between What You Know (Academic Theory) And What Corporates Are Looking For (Practical Aspects) With Intensive Classroom Training. 

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