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Any Big Project Is Started With Knowing Its Economic Feasibility. Financial Feasibility Of Projects Are Based On Capital Budgeting Techniques And Help To Solve The Financial Decisions Problems Faced By Firms.

What you Learn :
  • Buidling up a model from scratch taking rightful assumptions
  • Benefits of using Net Present Value (NPV) over Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to calculate the financial viability of a project
  • Building Dynamic Business Models from scratch with Multiple Scenarios using XIRR, MIRR.
  • How to build assumptions and the rational of taking them before starting your business model
  • Using different approaches like lowest common denominator and annual equivalency cash flow for determining the value of projects that have different life spans.
  • Using formulas for the after tax weighted average cost of capital (WACC) and capital asset pricing model (CAPM) and how they used to determine the cost of capital.
  • Calculation of free cash flows to firm and free cash flows to equity and how they are used to determine the profitability of a project
  • How To Take A Decision For A Project Using Different Techniques Like Data Tables, Scenario Manager, Solver Etc
  • Multipler sectors including real estate, hospitality, Power, Infrastructure, Fast Food etc are covered for candidates to have a broad level perspective of different sectors


TWSS’s Premier And Most Comprehensive 6 Weeks Full Time Investment Banking And Equity Research Training Program Is Born Out Of Inherent Need In The Market. Students Often Exit The Academic World Without Practical Skills, Leaving A Void During An Era When Finance Needs Some Of The World’s Brightest Minds. Our Mission Is To Help The Delegates Fill That Gap. Our 6 Weeks Full Time Investment Banking Training Program Does Precisely That.

The Training Bridges The Gap Between What You Know (Academic Theory) And What Corporates Are Looking For (Practical Aspects) With Intensive Classroom Training. 

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